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Customer Center

Call us at (858) 413-6783

Request a Quote

Call us at (858) 413-6783

If your project does not fall into any of the categories or services we offer, please contact us to request a custom quote.

Sending Files

Due to varying connection speeds, we do not offer browser uploads of files for projects. Instead, we offer the following options, listed in order of preference:

Blast Print provides an FTP server for client uploads. If you're familiar with FTP and have an FTP client, please connect to our server using the following information:
Pass: dropbox

File Service:
You may use a service such as YouSendIt to send us your files. This service and others like it allow you to upload large files and send them to an email address for download without the use of your own server. To use a service like this, please visit and follow their instructions. When sending the file, please use the following email address:

Remote Hosting:
You may upload your files to your personal web host or storage and email us a link to the files. Zip files or archives are preferred over linking to multiple files. To email us files, send your links along with your name and company name to: