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Backlit Signs Puts Your Name in Lights

No matter how complex or challenging your backlit sign project, we have the films to help you succeed with it. We offer an array of Translucent Sign Vinyl and Special Digital Media  films specially formulated for use in backlit outdoor signs, exhibits, and displays. These films have excellent Ö
  • Durability
  • Shrink resistance
  • Color stability
  • Resistance to UV rays, heat, and illumination exposure

Sign Vinyl and Digital Print options are available. Either way, you get a product thatís ideal for long-term use. Youíll get it quickly, too, with no upcharges. Itís all possible because of our exclusive distribution channels and our well-known commitment to quality and perfection.

So which Sign Vinyl or Digital Print film is right for your backlit signs? Our design experts will analyze your application and help you make the best informed decision possible based on cost, reliability and sign effectiveness.

Complete the online form or call us now and a member of the Blast Print Team will get to work servicing your Backlit Sign needs.  Blast Print services the greater San Diego area from our local store and nationally through


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